Diss Loyalty

I was talking to my brother about a man law posted on http://www.manlaws.com. A guy asked how long can you root for a team after it has moved from your city. Brother B was stunned.

“Root for a team after it leaves?!!” he exclaimed in a truly horrified tone akin to Mora’s infamous playoffs rant. “You don’t do that!

“That guy is the type who takes a woman back after she cheated on him with his neighbor and his best friend and he caught her at the scene both times.”

He comes by this philosophy honestly. My mother is still mad at the (Brooklyn) Dodgers.

A pox and several plagues on the C@!#$ and the H@rn&#$!

Sorry Browns fans that B-more was party to your trauma initially. But you alone get the happily ever after award.

Chatter is welcomed!

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