Deja Vu–all over again

It happened again tonight. A kick return leading to a touchdown on the first play. Definitely bad news for the Bears, just like it was for the Buckeyes. It was my first thought as soon as I saw it. I tried to keep hope alive, but the sense of the inevitable filled me.

Congratulations to Tony Dungy (and Lovie Smith) on making history. That was the best moment of the night! Loved the Coke commercials that paid homage to this occasion.

And just in case the Madden curse and the SI cover curse is real, I beseech the coaches, owners, or whomever is in charge not to tempt fate and allow the Panthers near any of those covers this year.

I happily close the book on this uneven, unpredictable, football season. Time to get ’em straight!.

Panthers are 0-0, we’re going all the way, baby! Super Bowl XLII Champs!

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