Quarterback Roulette

Lately, teams are playing the “Whose the GUY? Quarterback Game.” Smith and Crennel finally made the call for their long-suffering fans. Not really sure if the Cardinals really made the call or, if they did, not sure it was the right one yet. The Raiders…all I can do is sigh. How did such a feared team become that mess and still retain its scary, yet devoted fans?

When will the Panthers jump in this game? Delhomme’s status is uncertain at the moment due to an injury and I don’t think fans are really crying about it. When starter Donavon McNabb went down last year, fans were definitely upset–convinced that their promising season was toast. But backup Garcia laid it down, saved the season, and got a starting job elsewhere.

As much as I’d like to see that replicated here, well, the former Houston Texans starting QB David Carr is the backup. He played well last Sunday. And sometimes a person getting a second chance and clean slate excels beyond expectation. Just like an adopted dog. They just seem to behave better than the one you raised from a puppy. I hope this is what happens. As one reporter put it, Jake Delhomme might get Wally Pipped.

For the record, I’m not a Delhomme hater. I love the guy! He’s got a great QB name (who doesn’t love a Jake), he’s passionate, a little daredevil, got that cajun blood pumpin’, and from most accounts he’s a great leader. When my brother trash talks him, I’ve always defended him and Fox for that matter.

But he hasn’t come up with The Answer–a big, fat, diamond-encrusted Ring.

and as any Buckeye knows, it’s not the accolades you accumulate throughout the year, or the Michigan game, the Heisman, or the other postseason hoopla. Not “We played for the National Championship.”


Herm said it best, “You play to win the game.”

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