Flaxseed Oil speaks out!

Raleigh, NC –Flaxseed Oil made a statement during a press conference today following allegations from Marion Jones that she believed Coach Trevor Graham provided her with Flaxseed Oil and not any banned substances.

“I called this press conference today to clear my name. I have been accused of being taken by some very high profile athletes to explain why they have become bigger, stronger, and faster.

I am innocent. I have never met these people who are throwing my name around like they know me. And before any of these folks start pointing the finger at my twin brother Linseed Oil, he is also totally innocent.

I do a lot of things like lower blood pressure, help prevent heart attacks and stroke, and lessen some of the symptoms of arthritis. Some people even think I can help certain cancers although doctors haven’t proven that yet.

But I do not produce super athletes!

Me and Linseed come from seeds of the plant Linium usitatissimum. The villain you are looking for is not natural or legal like me. It’s some manufactured, man-made product going by the name of the Clear or the Cream.

I ask that you respect the real work my brother and I do for every day people. Please stop believing these athletes who say their coaches provided them with our essence to make them bionic athletes.

Thank you.”

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