Why pinkpodster?

green iPod shuffleHow did I become pinkpodster online? Like most things it started off as a plan that got edited by circumstances.

When I was buying my first iPod shuffle (2nd generation of course), I wanted a cute inscription on it. Except I couldn’t think of anything clever. I knew I was getting a pink one. (Is there any other color?) Somehow I decided on The Pink Podster, a play on The Pink Panther.

Well, I never did get a pink iPod shuffle. Somehow between my initial wish and arriving at Apple.com to make my purchase, I decided I really liked the apple green one better. Considering apple green is the other of my sorority colors it still suited me. But that wasn’t the reason I wanted pink, or green for that matter. Side note: When I first started working in athletics, there were no other women in the office.  One of the coaches dubbed me “The Green One” a nod to the only female among the male M&Ms. (Or at least that’s the story he told me, I heard a different one from another coworker. But that’s another story.) So I could have used that as my inscription. But I figured the M&M character really owns that moniker and I wanted something uniquely me.

Fast forward to my increasing usage of Internet sites, apps, etc. that required a user name. When I had to choose one, I never could think of something truly clever, uncommon, or that I’d remember readily. When I’d try to use The Pink Podster, it was usually deemed too long or was discounted because it had spaces or whatever. So I dropped the “The” and just smooshed the other words together. Hence, forevermore, pinkpodster.

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