Don’t believe the hype

I’m on a Public Enemy kick again.

For all the disgruntled Techies, fangirls and fanboys of Apple. To you I say, “don’t believe the hype!” Not Apple’s. It’s the tech industry and tech media who bring the noize.

Why are you so angry and disappointed about the Apple product launch yesterday? It’s because you sleep, eat and breathe all of the media reports surrounding this stuff. Searching for any little snippet of news or images of the next great thing. Then, after the event, that same media feeds off your disgruntled tweets and posts, and deems the launch a #FAIL.

Yeah, I viewed a live blog as the event was happening. And yeah, I was pretty Meh about the features and product changes announced. But was it a misstep? Did Apple ever specifically say this was going to be an iPhone 5 launch?

I think people who don’t have an iPhone and who don’t obsessively keep up with tech industry news will gladly rush out to get an iPhone 4S. It’s still a pretty impressive product.

No, I won’t be running out and getting the iPhone 4S. Happy with my iPhone 4 and the S didn’t offer enough for me to upgrade. But as I’ve always said on Twitter, I’m a second generation kind of gal anyway. I wait until most of the kinks are worked out before I buy new gadgets. This self-described Apple fangirl (see Apple and Steve Jobs: Saving my ass since 1989) got her first iPhone, the 4, only one year ago. So while this release was underwhelming for those of us who are on the border of crazy, take a deep breathe and next time, don’t get caught up in the manufactured, click-selling hype.

Just for fun here’s Mashable‘s compilation of Apple fanatics that actually do have a sense of humor about what was, to me, actually a pretty cool feature of iPhone 4S.

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