Saving the pinkpodster

Lighted acorn
Acorn Drop 2010

After being laid off then struggling for 8 months to find a job, freelance and get my cake business to take flight, I was feeling, well, beyond low. Life was not going as planned at all. Not that it ever had, but this time it was just harder to bounce back quickly. I decided I’d do something fun to lift my spirits. So, I volunteered for First Night Raleigh. I signed up to work in the children’s area, because being around kids tends to be fun. But the universe had other plans for me. When I showed up, I was sent to work at the ticket/information booth. I HATE dealing with money, so I was hesitant to put it mildly, but since I’d committed I put my best foot forward.

The thing I remember most about that night was how welcome the other ladies volunteering made me feel. Although they’d worked together previously and knew each other well, I didn’t feel like an outsider. And I had fun. I didn’t get to see the other events related to the event, but I made contacts that encouraged me in my job search and freelancing which gave me the boost in confidence I desperately needed. Surprise! I was right where I needed to be. I started volunteering at other Artsplosure events and discovered the women I’d worked with that first event were Artsplosure board members. In my PR jobs, I’d dealt with people who served on boards and these women had none of that pretentiousness. Eventually I was invited to serve on the board. After six years, I still look forward to working the events and hanging with “my tribe.”

mini schnauzer
Winston modeling his favorite sweater.

Another thing that saved my life was adopting Little Professor Winston Hans aka Winston. I always kinda wanted a dog, but the time never seemed right. Well considering I was in debt up to my eyeballs and working for much less than I had been, the time still really wasn’t. Except, I didn’t care. I just knew deep down that I needed a dog. I researched breeds. What would be best for me? I thought Bichon’s were the cutest, but schnauzer kept coming up as the better one. So I started looking at the Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas website. I found a female dog that I decided I’d adopt. There was some legal stuff that she was in the midst with adult children of the owner so she was doubtful. I went to Schnauzerpolooza which luckily was being held locally at a Raleigh dog park. Yep, I fell in love. With a little senior guy who sat on my lap calmly. I promised him I’d give him a great life like I knew he was used to for as long as he lived. Which I realized probably wouldn’t be any longer than 3 or 4 years.

Just like other people involved in dog rescue have found, I didn’t rescue Winston, he rescued me. He was the exact, right thing I needed at that time in my life. There are odd times when I miss him–it takes me off guard. But I’m hoping that soon I get rescued again by another little furbaby four-legger. *Clicks on*

I’m thankful for Artsplosure, Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas and North Carolina Schnauzer Rescue.

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