Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

spiral bound notebook

People who know me, know I love the Internet. They’ve started to think of me as a high-tech girl. And I did confess publicly to my Apple love/lust here. I have a hard time imagining going a day without being online. I did it on a cruise (intentionally) six years ago, but never since.

Something that hasn’t changed since I was a kid is my love of pretty notebooks and colorful pens. These are my two favorites of the moment. Even though using Evernote at a meeting would make my life easier, I still like taking along a simple notebook and pen. As much as I love my iPad, it will never be as pretty or simple as these notebooks, no matter how many wallpapers or fancy covers I use.

Oh and yes, they match my typical wardrobe perfectly. Added benefit for a wannabe fashionista.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

  1. Me too! I love buyin those pretty notebooks and colorful pen thinking am going to use it soon, but most of the time its too pretty to write on it, so just kept them for years 🙂

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