He speaks volumes for Ravens fans

Devastation photo featured in the Washington Post.

I remember the first time I saw this photo I thought about how hard Baltimore fans have it. The feeling in this photo summed up the feelings of the whole city back when the Colts sneaked out in the dark of night on their way to Indianapolis. Now, 5 years after this photo, the Ravens have lost in the playoffs again.

Yes, I couldn’t contain my jubilation when the Patriots won. They are my favorite team and at the top spot in my heart of all my former hometowns. But I don’t hate the Ravens. I once lived in Baltimore, too, so it’s a little sad that they lost a really good game in such a crazy, crazy way.

Watching that kick go wide makes you wonder if that SNL Tebow skit was just jokes after all. It did seem miraculous for the Patriots.

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