Game On!

gameFor a little over two years straight I have been playing at least two Words With Friends games at a time with a photographer named Liz. (You can see her photography work here.) We didn’t know each other when we started and have still never met, but it’s crazy to me how, through this game, she is now a daily part of my life. I mean if she doesn’t play a word in a 24-hour window, I get a tad worried. Clearly I can understand Alec Baldwin on a plane completely. Me and Liz both have some great games, some sucky games and games that are unbearably nail biters. She certainly makes me work for every win. When I saw this article, “Man’s life saved thanks to a game of Words With Friends” I was like, “Yeah! Evidence that these games save lives! See, I’m not wasting time.” Of course as a editor/writer, my usual spin is that I’m keeping my vocabulary fresh and expanding on it. Mmm hmm. Anyway, I think we probably have set a Guinness World Record.

Now Bejeweled was a game I’d been playing since 1995-96 on a desktop Mac when it was called Jewelbox. I glossed myself as Bejeweled queen I was so expert at it. No one could beat me. Until it became a Facebook game and then an app. And now, every week a couple of heifers and a dude are killing me. *cue violins*

Yes, I also got sucked into the Angry Birds craze, but I’ve weaned myself from it and Farmville and Café World and Sorority Life Et cetera, Et cetera, Et cetera. But just as I thought I was safe, a co-worker introduced me to StupidZombies! Because there is nothing as satisfying as shooting zombies and watching blood shoot out of their exploding heads. It makes me feel so accomplished.

Chatter is welcomed!

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