K-drama detox

So after recognizing the signs of addiction, and being slightly disappointed with the ending of My Lovely Sam Soon (aka My Name is Sam Soon), I put myself on a K-drama hiatus. I’ve not watched any new shows for about two weeks. While I don’t exactly have the shakes, I did find myself at a loss as to what to watch on non-streaming TV for the last couple of days. With the exception of the Super Bowl and Revenge, I didn’t even know the actual time slots of the American shows I watch on Hulu.

During my hiatus, I’m not letting my immersion into Korea lapse. I’ve still been listening to Korea hip-hop and pop music–just so hearing the language stays familiar. I’ve also continued reading about various aspects of Korea and its popular culture. A friend recently showed me this this blog post about different types of rooms in Korea. It was pretty cool to recognize some of the types of rooms from shows I’ve watched, and nice to learn about some new ones.

Chatter is welcomed!

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