Two of my favorite commercials right now are the Bud Light ones highlighting superstitions as related to sports. They make you laugh, but it’s comforting to know other perfectly sensible people exhibit peculiar behavior when it comes to their favorite teams/sports. Here’s me indulging in my game day superstitions:

All I’m saying is that last week, I forgot to put on my Patriots bracelet and they almost lost to the New York Jets. When I realized it in the 4th quarter, I immediately put it on and the Patriots won in overtime. Just sayin’.

My brother puts the cap of the team he wants to win on his TV set. I don’t know how he manages that now with these new, slimmer televisions. My Buckeyes cap just keeps falling  off.

Here’s those Bud Light commercials:

So be comforted. You’re not alone in your insanity lovable fandomness.

Have a great and safe Halloween.

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