My Pumpkin Patch Cake

This was a fun project I envisioned for a party. Instead of doing a graveyard cake as planned, I decided to do an entirely edible pumpkin patch gone bad. Then it became a lovely pumpkin patch contrasted with the one gone bad. It also turned into a coma-inducing amount of chocolate.

I started with Black Velvet cake and layered that on top of Devil Food Cake. I used a thin layer of chocolate icing between the two and cream cheese icing on one side, milk chocolate on the other.

Then I added pumpkin candy, Peeps Ghosts, Kit Kat sheet cakefence posts, chocolate sprinkle pathway, ground up mini Oreo cookies for dirt, and gummy worms. The Licorice Twizzlers tree was the hardest element. And I thought it would be pretty easy. I used 20 mm craft wire to make it stand straight and be bendable to make limbs. Getting that wire up a strand of Twizzler was a pain in the arse. The signs and the licorice trees were the only things that weren’t edible.

Thankfully, it was a hit! Here’s several shots from start to finish: 

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