Attic Cat Review (*spoilers*)

It’s always hard after watching a really great show like A Gentleman’s Dignity and other some cute shows (To the Beautiful You, Ms. Panda and Mr. Hedgehog) to watch one that is just passable. I sorta expect it. But it truly sucks to invest time in a show that’s meh and not get a satisfying payoff in the end.

That was my experience with the drama Attic Cat. I spent 16 episodes listening to constant arguing, “breaking up” and kicking out of a tiny attic apartment. And it wasn’t even the cute witty bickering that is a staple of chick flicks. All the while I watched I was having these thoughts:

  • Well I’ve gone this far so…
  • They can’t annoy me much more with all this arguing.
  • Okay, maybe they can but at least I know it’ll work out nicely in the end.
  • I’ll just hold out for the happily ever after.

Except was it happily ever after? Ohhh, so weak an ending it was. The kind that leaves you feeling pissed and cheated. After she shot his very sweet proposal down, we didn’t get another one? Or a wedding. No kiss even?? Sixteen episodes waiting for these fools to work out their issues and in the end he’s still immature and they’re arguing. The last shot we get is them hugging the way friends, not lovers hug and even that scene is panned  out like 100 feet away.

The director really dropped the ball on this. If your viewers endured this much, at least give them a something to feel good about in the end. After all it was supposed to be a romance.


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