Homeowner Headaches 2012

The end of the year often makes everyone look back and I’m not immune. 2010 was the year of searching and packing—a busy, crazy hectic process. 2011 was the year of the joys of homeownership—decorating, giving away an abundance of stuff to those who wanted or needed it, dreaming and planning. 2012 was the year of homeowner headaches.

baking soda boxes
“What the hell?” moment.

Repair was the word of the year in 2012. Major repairs. Replacing the 20-plus year old heat pump that died. And then less than a year in, having to replace the fan motor on the new heat pump unit. Replacing the 20-plus year old water heater that also died and then the valve that controls the water to the house because, after 20 years, it too failed. And of course there is the as yet to be completed work from the upstairs toilet leaking into my guest bathroom. Of course that happened over Thanksgiving when my place was filled with guests. When the plumber started pulling box after open box of baking soda out of my ceiling like it was a Kroger, there were no words other than what new fuckery is this? Looks like between the previous owner and the absentee owner upstairs somebody knew there was a problem at some point.

Decorating is a bit of a luxury, but I’m determined that my place will look less like my former college dorm room or apartments and more like a comfortable place for the mature middle-aged woman I am. Hmm, mature might be debatable. 🙂

I’m hoping 2013 will be the year of decorating and/or improvements instead of fixing broken things.

Looking forward to a fabulous 2013.

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