Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Love. Amour. Sarang. Upendo. Amore. We’re always trying to find it, keep it, feel it, understand it, end it, give it, receive it—to capture it, in film and in photos.

Sometimes it’s not the over the top romantic gestures that are the most loving. Sometimes it’s just the little moments. Like waking up from a nap to find the dog hugging your feet. Or dreading going to work on an awful icy day and finding that someone had etched a heart in the ice caked on my car. Or childhood friendship displayed by the handmade valentine from my best friend Susie Hwang and the thoughtful selection my other best friend, Ellyn Friedman, took in finding a card that looked like us.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

    1. I’m glad that struck a chord. At first I thought about doing something related to grand romantic gestures and then I found those valentines from all those years ago and that was my inspiration.

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