Dear IT professors of the United States

Let’s start raising up a population of less prejudiced professionals in Information Technology. Let’s try being open-minded, internalizing and teaching that different doesn’t mean bad or weird. An Apple computer or device is every bit as normal as any PC or Windows operating system device. And for that matter we can thrown in any Google OS device, too. They’re all normal. Just another device on the spectrum of computers and devices.

The technology of today is driven by a variety of needs based on the user or organization. This is why there are different systems to meet these needs. This diversity makes technology better for all. Yes, it makes your job more difficult because learning is continuous and you have to learn more. But doesn’t a marketing professional have the same issue? I’m sure marketing and communication people weren’t jumping up and down to learn they had to figure out this new beast called social media. But because they are indeed professionals and recognized this tool adds value to customers and to what they do, they cowboy-up and make it a just another regular part of their workflow.

I say the same goes for workplaces that use a combination of Macs and PCs. If a workplace needs both, then it’s a must that the IT group should master whatever they need to, to service both types. True professionals pride themselves on knowing how to fix or solve a problem in their area of expertise no matter what it is. Why don’t more IT people simply accept that Apple computers, tablets, phones, servers, etc. are just as legitimate and important a hardware /system to know how to maintain, repair, etc. as Windows or Linux operated computers? They won’t until they’re taught it from the beginning.

And that IT professors, instructors, teachers—that is where you can use your power.

I have a dream that one day IT professionals show up prepared and armed with as much knowledge to troubleshoot a Mac as he has to troubleshoot a PC. I dream that he will do this happily without complaint or discrimination. And Macs and PCs will live happily in together as different but equally supported.

Apple computers are not abnormal. They are just another device on the spectrum of devices.

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