Venomous swish of skirt and other madness

It’s March and there’s lots of madness. And I’m not talking about basketball. This women’s history month there been so many things that make a woman hot–and by hot I mean angry. Because people seemed to have gone mad. So now I have to go on a rant.

Let’s start with Oscar Pistorius who shot his girlfriend. He is to stand trial for allegedly murdering her. But in the meantime he is now allowed to leave his country and continue competing in track meets. Really? Makes me wonder how much money it cost to pay off the judge. Privilege certainly has its perks.

I think I could have a rant an hour about North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, but I’ll just stick to one. Let’s start with his government’s blatant disrespect of the new president of South Korea, Park Geun Hye. This statement:

“This frenzy kicked up by the South Korean warmongers is in no way irrelevant with the venomous swish of skirt made by the one who again occupies the presidential Blue House,” said a spokesman for the North Korean National Defense Commission, in The Associated Press.

Venomous swish of skirt? Jeez, that not even knee-baring skirt is really distracting us from our ability to get our bombs to work Oh Great Leader. WTH!

The coverage of the Steubenville Rape case on CNN and the continued attacks on the woman who brought the coverup to light. I can’t even type I get so mad every time I think of what a hot mess that entire situation is.

Even the honest expressions of opinion from Sheryl Sandberg and Erin Callen turned into vicious debate and ridicule from some individuals and amongst sensible women.

Every week it felt like there was another attack on women drowning out the attempts to celebrate women in March.

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