World’s best Mama enjoy your day!

Hi Mama,

I have the world’s best Mama. I admire your patience, generosity, and your ability to let all your kids just be who they are. I’m thankful to know that I was always loved (and probably a tad spoiled) and given everything I needed to live. Next time I’ll let you eat your own box of Scottie Dog cookies that I give you instead of eating half first. (Okay Daddy is guilty of eating some, too.) Now that I’m a famous blogger (in my head), I’m happy that you aren’t trying to sell all those reading and writing awards I won and left at your house. You’re the kind of mom who would accept that $200,000 house given to you even if you deserved the $400,000 one. Thank you for supporting my outlandish dreams and hair-brained schemes.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and to a few of the other best Mama’s who’ve shaped my world.

Love Mini Me

Here’s the Google Doodle I drew for Mama. It’s almost as good as the art I made for her as a child.

Mother's Day Google Doodle

And then there’s me. I’ve never been a mother of two-leggers, but I have been a mother and foster mother to four-leggers.

Crystal and Winston

Inspired by the Daily Prompt

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