There’s No Place Like Home

condo buildingHome. The ideal picture in my head when I hear that word bears little resemblance to reality. Don’t get me wrong—I’ve always had a good home as a child, and most times as an adult. I lived in 6 different apartments and 2 houses as a kid. From college through graduate school I lived in 5 different rooms, 1 house, and 2 more apartments. Then I started moving around in earnest. And the count goes like this: a condo, 4 apartments, 2 houses, and one townhome. Even detailing that list I still feel like I may have missed one or two.

Ironically, I’m a person who prefers to be at home mostly. I like having a home base to come back to after traveling.

I guess I’m a reluctant nomad. I hate moving. Packing, unpacking, getting movers or getting friends to do the heavy lifting. I also love moving, only because it’s a chance for a fresh start. To dream new dreams or simply declutter. At times I’ve envied people who lived in one place all their lives, knowing the same people, having lifelong friends. But then I remember how many wonderful experiences and things I’ve learned by living in many places.

My life may be scattered, but it’s definitely richer.

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2 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

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