I’m on a boat!

Boats of all sizes and shapes. From catamarans to cruise ships, boats show us a city, a park, the ocean view or pull you on skis. These are a few that do those things.

Me on a catamaran
Smiling, but totally seasick here.

Ever since I saw this song on YouTube, whenever I see a boat it’s what goes through my head:

I’m On A Boat
The Lonely Island (feat. T-Pain)


I’m on a boat (I’m on a boat)
I’m on a boat (I’m on a boat)
Everybody look at me cause I’m sailin’ on a boat (sailin’ on a boat)
I’m on a boat (I’m on a boat)
I’m on a boat
Take a good hard look at the boat (boat, yeah)

Straight flowin’ on a boat on the deep blue sea
Bustin’ five knots, wind whippin’ out my coat
You can’t stop me cause I’m on a boat

But this ain’t Seaworld, this is real as it gets, I’m on a boat motherfucker, don’t you ever forget!

Inspiration provided by A Word in Your Ear Word A Week Photography Challenge.

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