Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

child playing a toy pianoWhen I saw this little boy I thought: He could be Mozart or Schroeder or the next Stevie Wonder playing his future masterpiece.

This idea was a masterpiece—a work of art. During Artsplosure 2013, Executive Director Terri Dollar came up with the idea to scatter several pianos, including these toy ones, throughout Downtown Raleigh. They were decorated by various local nonprofit groups and people were encouraged to play—whatever and whenever they wanted. Here’s how it was described:

The Raleigh Street Piano Project

Sponsored by Clark Nexsen and Media Sponsor Live Work Play

Live impromptu music will fill the air across downtown Raleigh. Six pianos that were destined for the landfill have been beautifully decorated by local nonprofits and groups benefitting individuals with disabilities and various other challenges. Placed in locations across downtown Raleigh, YOU are invited to play, or enjoy the music played by others. Spontaneous mini-concerts are encouraged!

kid playing toy pianoAnd maybe this little fella is the next John Legend. You just never know what might be a masterpiece in the making.

Inspired by The Daily Post.

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