Procrastination: time isn’t on my side

watches Salvador Dali style
Lots of watches, still late.

I’m probably queen of procrastination so you other writers writing about this today don’t even think of trying to steal my crown. As if this is something to brag about. Eh, I guess like me you’ll put that off for the day after tomorrow, after tomorrow, after tomorrow.

I’m always diving into projects. My current project, one I’ve procrastinated on for two years now, is decorating my living room. As I type this, measurements are being done and a plan is being devised. But it took me two years to bring someone in. Meanwhile, everyday I kept looking around at the hodge-podge of furniture and felt sad that my jewel was not shining as brightly as I knew it could when I chose it. My uniquely cozy living room is suffering from Crystal’s restless wandering; It’s filled with things bought to fit other spaces, in different life stages.

My projects usually end up in little piles scattered throughout the rooms. Making a pillow, decorating a room, installing a microwave, installing a closet, scanning all my portfolio samples, converting all my cassette tape and albums to digital albums. I’m so enthusiastic when I start, but as life gets busy and roadblocks crop up, I often find myself putting the projects off and moving on to the next shiny project.

When a project becomes mundane, I procrastinate  more. I even waited until the last minute to write this and take the photo for it. The more unfinished projects I amass, the more I procrastinate starting ones that need to be done. The worst thing about this way of living is that you become harried and tired from scrambling to do things at the last minute. It can sometimes be paralyzing for decision making.

I don’t procrastinate when it comes to things I’m excited about. My current craze for Korean (and now Taiwanese) television is still going strong. And when a new episode of some show I’m watching comes out, it doesn’t matter if it’s subtitled or not, I’ll be watching as soon as I get the memo.

Inspired by The Daily Post

6 thoughts on “Procrastination: time isn’t on my side

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