Win or loss? NFL settlement with alumni

When I heard the news about the NFL settling with the former players for $765 million I didn’t know how to feel. On the surface it seemed like a win. But it was disappointing that more wasn’t provided for continued research and development of even better measures of safety. And it doesn’t feel like the National Football League is truly being held accountable. We’ll never know what they knew and when they knew it.

I still really like football, particularly the fast pace of professional football. I blame two coaches who really took time to explain the game for getting me hooked. I went from a casual, sometimey fan to a more focused fan. But I can’t in good conscience still love watching it. Not when I know how much damage it can do and how little the league initially did to show any care and concern about those who generated A LOT of income for the organization.

It’s too late for my former colleague who, like Junior Seau, began to suffer from dementia and depression in his mid-40s due to the concussions he suffered from his tough style of NFL play. Although it doesn’t replace the loss of him, I hope that his children are able to receive a generous portion of the settlement. For the athletes still living and struggling with all types of physical and mental illnesses related to concussions, it’s a win. It’s great they’ll get the financial and medical help they need now.

The league makes billions. Seems like it could have got up off $1 billion or much more.

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