Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

I’m definitely known for my signature color pink. In fact, even though I gave up this up at the end of the last decade, one of my coworkers told a recent hire, “she’s the lady that wears something pink every day, even if it’s not visible” I laughed because that was true for a long time. So was the decade where I always wore something black as the foundation color every day. Unlike Edith Head and Anna Wintour, I’m on to the next one.

So these photos put my hues in the context of one of my favorite fabrics, silk. The pink I prefer is usually the more vibrant color of fuchsia or hot pink as demonstrated by the shoe. It speaks to my enjoyment of being a lady, luxury and probably a warm-climate inhabitants penchant for bright colors. Likewise the bright burnt orange dress encompasses all of these things, but I think it also adds the layer of maybe someone who doesn’t always follow a traditional path. As one lady in an elevator said to me, “I love that dress. Not everyone can wear that color, but you sure can!”

Inspired by The Daily Post

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