Halloween wackiness

As I go about my day reading about all the ridiculous things in the world sometimes I have to pause and share, just so I can drag the rest of you into the madness. These are the things that ran through my mind upon seeing this photo:

  • Is it possible to start a class action suit on behalf of all the Crystal’s who would like to maintain a higher standard for people who actually get to have our name?
  • Is he wearing a suit or a prison uniform?
  • Both of them need to have a seat somewhere, anywhere, except on my screen.

hugh hefner as Robin Thicke

And while we’re on Halloween costume idiocy Gayle King said it best this morning: when it comes to blackface or Hitler costumes, just don’t do it. Just don’t. How many idiots do you have to see mea culpa before it’s clear that it’s a double U—unfunny and uninspired, and offensive plain and simple. There is no gray area with these.

Which brings me to a question I think is legitimate: when does a costume cross the boundary into culturally offensive territory? When dressing as a cowboy, for example, that’s a universal profession that people of many races and cultures perform. However, dressing as an Indian crosses the boundary because there are many types of Indians in the world and it’s not a profession. Does dressing as a Geisha or a Hula dancer also fall into this apparently sometimes gray area?

Would love to hear other’s thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Halloween wackiness

    1. Yep, it’s definitely time to retire that one. In a way just saying Indians would be better, but really best to just do like the old Washington Bullets and pick something else entirely.

  1. Interesting point about the Geisha and Hula dancer (almost typed “Hulu” dancer–wouldn’t have made that mistake 10 years ago). This is probably more of an issue since halloween became a thing for adults. I can see a child’s choice to dress as an “indian”–quotes because indian isn’t PC—as being more honorable than an adults. No kid dresses up as something that they don’t admire or respect.

    PS- Leave Hef alone. I still want to be him when I grow up.

    1. Haha! I did type Hulu originally and had to correct it. Amazing how tech has taken over.

      That’s an interesting and true point about a kid’s view of costumes versus an adults. Grown-ups just have to go and ruin everything.

      I’ve actually worn a Hula costume as well as bellydancer, but since they were classes that I took just like I took ballet it seemed fine to me. But as much as I admire the artistry of a Geisha, I feel that would cross a line if I sported the full regalia.

      Okay, Hef Jr. you still have plenty of time. 😀

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