Apple hates old people

<rant>You got tired of the young ‘ins saying iPhone is for old people. We get it Apple. You hate old people. You changed to this thing called a flat design because thin fonts and bright colors is surely for young eyes.

So the loyal buyers for have invested tons of money in your hardware and software are left out in the cold with this unstylish, ugly pimping out to young people. Oh yes, by loyal buyers I mean those money bags who can afford to by multiple apple TVs, Retina display laptops, multiple size iPads, who upgrade a perfectly usable product for the newest and greatest.

At first I was bugged by the tacky colors and new icons of iOS 7 system apps, even more than the “flat” style that is used. Some of the non-Apple apps seamlessly transitioned to the new look. But why did the Apple ones have to look kid-like and unsophisticated? Fine, different strokes for different folks. But the legibility for these aging eyes that rely on an iPhone to keep life running smoothly when the iPad is too clunky to tote around, that’s a real issue. The lettering on my grocery list app is so light, it’s pretty useless to me now. I’m about to resort to pen and paper.

Sadly, I had to allow the Apple TV to upgrade and I try to move from that home screen as fast as I can. It’s just not as pleasing to look at any more, but thankfully it’s not a screen I have to spent much time on and it’s large. I’m still holding out from upgrading even though my iPad, iPhone, and desktops keep bugging me to do so. </rant>

3 thoughts on “Apple hates old people

  1. Apart from an i pod that i don’t use I haven’t gone down the apple road. I prefer android and have a gorgeous sony experia phone that has a great camera. Not that android is any better, google, like apple, are trying their best to take over our lives!

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