Thanksgiving Day Grinches

English: DC USA, Target, Black Friday
English: DC USA, Target, Black Friday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Several retailers have decided to let the Black Friday madness leak over onto Thanksgiving Day. Call ’em Scrooge or call ’em the Grinch, they’re putting profits before people. It’s not surprising. Big businesses aren’t human so a singleminded focus on obtaining more and more, no matter what the cost, well that’s to be expected.

But it’s not just retailers. It’s people, too. People who’ve forgotten to be thankful for what they have and who compulsively buy more and more, whether it’s needed or not. It’s amazing that we’ve gotten to the point where we can’t take one whole 24-hour day off to not shop, not look for a deal. A whole day off  just enjoy our families and friends, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and eat until we’re in a coma.

I’ve never been a Black Friday shopper. Even before the behavior of customers became increasingly insane, I just thought it was all a scam. Unless you’re one of the first five people in the store, chances are you’re not getting that super duper new thingamabob at that advertised rock bottom price. Getting into fistfights with other customers over the last of some toy or gadget should embarrass people, not make them feel proud. You knocked out some grandma just to get that last XBox? Woo hoo! What a warrior you are! Someone’s mom got suffocated by the crowds pushing her into the locked front doors? Three kids just lost a mom. So what? As long as I get everything on my list at 80% off. Yep, our society has become that crass.

I hope more and more citizens wake up and start boycotting all these stores that are increasingly giving their workers less and less time off for holidays. And I hope more of us start remembering that holidays have meaning, they aren’t just sales.

So I won’t be shopping on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday. That’s one tradition I’ll be happy to continue this year.

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