A Word a Week Photo Challenge: Reflect

Warwick HotelThis year I wrote more, worked out less, Took a big trip, learned Hangeul (the Korean Alphabet), and started implementing all I’ve learned about content strategy into my work. I conquered some fears and continued to battle others—some days winning, some days losing—but always getting back up and trying again. Sometimes the road ahead seems steeply uphill. My parents are aging as am I and this society isn’t very kind to older people.

When I started this blog, I wanted an outlet to talk about the world and the things that were on my mind. I discovered photo challenges and that seems to have taken over. Not what I envisioned, but enjoyable for me trying to marry words and images. At least I’m writing more, which outside of work, I was doing less and less of. Longer thoughtful editorial pieces on the events of the world take time. And while I hear stories of writers who, despite busy lives of kids and jobs, etc., write 500-page, 7-book novel series. I’m just not that great of a multi-tasker, so I’ve accepted that is not my lot in life.

Warwick HotelThere are many superstars of blogging who run bigger and better blogs than mine—real photographers and travelers—who regularly like the amateur snapshots I post. I appreciate that more than you know. A special shoutout to @TransitUser6645 (Public Transit User blog) who faithfully shares all of my posts and expands my audience. If only you could be my publicist! Thanks Leon and Danny for taking time to read my musings. It’s always nice when people you know IRL are your readers. And thanks to Danny, Sweetness6645, Lucid Gypsy, frizztext and Colline: WordPress tells me you’re my chattiest readers this year. I enjoy hearing your thoughts and encouragement and chatting right back. When there’s time, I also enjoy reading your blogs, too. They inspire me to want to keep improving.

http://suellewellyn2011.wordpress.com/2013/12/23/a-word-a-week-photograph-challenge-reflect/Onward to 2014! Hopefully you’ll be a bright, sparkly, crystal chandelier kind of year.

Inspired by A Word in Your Ear

2 thoughts on “A Word a Week Photo Challenge: Reflect

  1. I also have migrated to telling stories about pictures. Either mine or some of the prompts on WP. Slowly getting into longer pieces (Flash Fiction). It’s fun combining two hobbies, i.e. photography and writing. I have a separate photo blog that I have made a menu on my main blog. Learn something, make new acquaintances just about every day.

    Wishing you the best in 2014.
    Make sure you have lots or caffeine.


  2. We have much in common! I started blogging to keep me writing after finishing my Dip HE in creative writing, what seems to have happened is that finding photo challenges has made my other passion of photography take over! But bloggin is amazing whatever the reason for doing it, there are so many lovely people to meet 🙂

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