List Maker. Tis the Season.

acorn ornamentIt’s here. The annual making of lists. Well, technically it’s been here for the last month, which is when I first wrote the title to this post.

We are a species of list lovers: 5 ways to blah, blah, blah; 10 things you need to know now, and so on. Magazines survive on these type of articles. TV and terrestrial radio get in the game, too, with things like 50 biggest sports moments, 20 greatest commercials of the year, 100 greatest songs of all time, or 100 best songs of the year.

Almost as soon as mid-December hits we amp up our list making to steroid abuse level. It’s the best of the year lists and the predictions for next year list. I’m a sucker, too. I read them. Some provide valuable info. Some are headline teasers only: filled with triple U’s—unnecessary, unuseful, uninteresting drivel.

We’re also fond of countdowns. Remember America’s Top 40 Countdown with Casey Kasem? Tonight is the biggest countdown of them all. Whether you’re waiting until the Times Square ball drops or a pickle or a possum is what you watch, New Year’s Eve is the countdown to end all countdowns.

I’ll be eating, drinking, marathoning one of my favorite shows (not sure which yet), nursing my hurting back and dropping my own acorn this year with a few visitors popping in and out.

Happy New Year!

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