Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Old Filene's Department Store

Filene’s was a place I loved to go as a kid. Department stores back then were like a fantasy world full of beautiful, fancy things. This photo is of the original Filene’s department store left empty. Actually, the building is now demolished and scheduled to be replaced by a glass and steel behemoth that will be condominiums. As a lover of Boston’s old world architecture, I weep.

For some truly fantastic photos and stories of abandoned places, check out Abandoned Kansai. He’s also got amazing photos from North Korea.

Inspired by The Daily Post

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

  1. It is so sad, not just to see businesses close, but to see beautiful buildings disappear.

    That clock is so awesome. Looks giant though. Any workers around there? I’ve often found that before a building is to be gutted/demolished there are workers there before hand… ask if you can have the clock! 🙂 (I’ve gotten a few treasures this way)

    1. And even worse when a beautiful building is replaced by something generic with no real architectural interest.

      I wish I had thought of that! I would hope that it found it’s way to a museum or something at least. There was probably a bunch of interesting little artifacts around there.

      1. The workers never care… so if you spot something like this in the future… ? I adore things a little unusual, and currently as I’m typing this I’m sitting under a massive shelf that’s supported by the most gorgeous (and huge) brackets I got from an old building being gutted (buidling was to stand, but they were gutting all the wonderful old features to make it into a “modern” bank).

        At the moment there’s two churches I got my eyes on… they’ve been for sale for years, if anyone buys one of them, I’ll be right there and ask to get some goodies before they get turned into *shudders* modern apartments.

        1. That’s great advice. I glad you took the time to share it. Where I live now is just starting to loose some old buildings instead of revitalizing them so I’ll start doing that from now on. I’m really hoping that there was someone like you who got the workers to give that clock to them. I think I will write that happy ending for the clock in my head. Haha.

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    1. I bet it would have. I don’t understand our rush to kill old buildings instead of making the investment to rehab them. When I turned 30, I used to say it’s a good thing I wasn’t a building in Atlanta because they’d blow me up for being too old. Imagine if Europeans thought that way? We Americans wouldn’t have anything to tour when we travel there.

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