It’s My Party

20140427-122803.jpgMy party is definitely a beach party that starts early in the morning while it’s cool and breezy and stretches to the early morning hours around 1 a.m. It’s filled with a diverse group of people who are witty, knowledgeable, fun and who may be polyglots–friends, family, and friends of friends. Young and old, and folks in between mingle merrily. Many languages float in the air, blending lyrically. Some partygoers are up dancing to the music. Later at night professional belly dancers perform. The decorated tent is filled with bright colors like lime green, fuchsia, Caribbean blue, orange and yellow.

Music at my party is going to be as mercurial as I am. The party kicks off with pop music and French, Korean and American R&B. During the heat of the day we’ll dance to reggae, soca and steel drums. The evening brings a musical mix so we could have line dances or couples two-stepping or freestyle dancing. And in the early a.m. to wrap up the party, ambient music helps us wind down.

For those not dancing, we’d talk, talk, talk up a storm about TV and movies, current events and scandals, travel or whatever strikes our fancy. My comedian friends would keep us all laughing, even while discussing politics. The conversations might be deep, but never straying far from being fun and interesting.

The food at this party definitely is to die for. Anyone on a diet has to pause for the 24-hours of my party. Tapas-sized and finger foods and desserts are the order of the day. The cuisine comes from all over the world featuring sushi, flying fish, lobster tails and shrimp. Some of us take high tea under a tent with real clotted cream and strawberries, scones and a variety finger sandwiches and biscuits while light classical music plays quietly.

The various flavored rum cakes would be the pièce de résistance. A selection of fruits including pineapples, strawberries, guava, persimmon, papaya, mangoes and cantaloupe would be at the ready to cool mouths down after enjoying a bit of Bajan hot pepper sauce on a few of the main dishes. I’d make sure my southern friends and family had BBQ, slaw, hushpuppies, and banana pudding. I’d include popular dishes from my Guyanese and Panamanian ancestry, too, and all my favorite foods from the cities I’ve lived in.

The bartenders are pouring rum punch, planter’s punch and whatever pretty blended drinks you fancy. What’s on tap? A selection of the best beers from around the world. Champagne and French wine are on the menu, too. Everyone drinks hardily, but no one gets drunk, only happy.

And they’ll be a quiet area for us introverts to go, maybe walk solo on the beach just to recharge as we often need to do.

Good food, drink, music, but most of all my party has friends and family being together and loving it.

Party on with others at today’s Daily Prompt!



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