Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

Raggedy Ann

I was about to toss her out as part of my never ending, difficult decluttering. But as usual, although I know she is neither useful nor valuable stashed in a trunk with other childhood toys, I just couldn’t put her in the trash.

old Raggedy Ann doll

She wasn’t even my favorite toy. And she is in such a frayed condition it’s not likely that she has monetary value. I’m also not famous so she doesn’t have historic value either. So why can’t I just pitch this space-sucking remnant of the past?

Check out other visual interpretations of fray at The Daily Post.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

  1. Did you ever stop to think about how many Raggedy Anns must be out there in landfills everywhere LOL???? SOO popular back in the day ! I think it’s cute that you won’t throw here. I still remember the children’s book where the toys came alive at night and ann and andy were among the evil leaders of the pack. don’t take a chance on tossing her!!!!

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