We’ve got a Labor Day problem

red flag at the beachWhile many of us are enjoying our paid day off around the pool, at the beach or shopping ’til we drop, many more of are either not paid enough or not paid at all.

Those in the paid day off group are probably doing something today that requires our fellow citizens to have to labor on the day designated for workers to have off. I read somewhere that the majority of Americans work in service industry jobs. Considering this is a big weekend for sales, most of them will be working long hours. I guess their day really is filled with labor.

Although out economy is coming back, we still have a hidden unemployment situation. Older, educated workers having a hard time becoming re-employed or being underemployed. There’s also the workers who gave up. They were cut off unemployment or no long bother to look for work.

Even as I enjoyed my time off, these thoughts crept into my mind.

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