Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

Snapping a picture of a monkey — that’s an adventure!

Green monkey in a tree

Aside from a friend’s neighbor who once brought their pet monkey over to the house for a baby shower, I’d never seen a monkey that wasn’t in a cage at a zoo. So when I heard I could spot green monkeys pretty much anywhere in Barbados, I was on a mission to get a good photo of a few. Spotting those little monkeys plus getting a good photo was tough.

The real adventure began when I was taking selfies under a breadfruit tree. After days of hoping to see a monkey, I finally spotted one in a tree nearby. I managed to get the photo above.

Green monkey in the cityBefore I knew it I saw another monkey on the ground quickly headed my way. My panic at the sudden thought that I might be about to get double-teamed by two monkeys carrying some deadly virus superseded my desire to get the perfect photo. I scampered back to the porch of the Archives building. Meanwhile during my mad dash, the first monkey moved to the tree I’d been under and the second one was staring at me from beneath the same tree.

Monkeys do tea time, too

Well who knew I’d gotten in the middle of a romantic supper for this monkey couple. Apparently I’d been standing too close to their breadfruit meal and they had no intention of sharing with this human cousin.

I watched as the monkey in the tree shook a branch and a few breadfruit fell to the ground. His partner quickly retrieved one and after a quick glance around started eating. I tried to make as little noise and movement as possible. I wanted to enjoy this adventure.

After dinner the two playfully chased each other around up and down trees, until finally one frenzied dash over a wall where they disappeared from sight.

I didn’t manage to get really good shots, but the memory of the incident with these little guys is special.

Find more adventure at The Daily Post.

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