Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

custom shoemaker

Leather sandals

A fabulous craftsman, proud of his work, always fine-tuning his wares; Mr. Thomas makes custom leather shoes. He and my grandfather share the same homeland. Both left home to make lives in other locations; Grandpa came to the United States and Mr. Thomas moved to Barbados.

Immigrants often get a bad rap in the countries they move to. But usually they’re the hardest working people of all. As a nation built by immigrants — some forced, most voluntary — we seemed to have forgotten this. In many cases where immigrants don’t speak the native language no matter what their previous professions — lawyer or doctor — they become laborers or work restaurant and retail jobs in their new homeland. Jobs that require a lot of long hours and physical strength.

Mr. Thomas and I shared another interesting connection. My Bajan great-grandfather’s family profession was making shoes. No one in my family does this kind of work anymore, but it’s as if, he has filled the gap left by them.

See lots more humanity at The Daily Post.

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