In the middle of mayhem

So I was minding my own biz, strolling scurrying down the street on the hunt for dinner when all hell broke loose. Okay maybe not hell, but suddenly me and my brother were surrounded by V for Vendetta masks. We got caught up in the middle of a Guy Fawkes Day protest. And it was fantastic!

IMG_4488-0.JPGWe rolled from one end of town to the next grabbing photos, video and watching the protesters shutting down rush hour, and the police trying to keep up and keep everyone safe.




4 thoughts on “In the middle of mayhem

    1. You know in hindsight, I was so fascinated I forgot to be scared. My old reporter’s instinct kicked in and I ran toward the commotion to get video! They were rowdy and intense but more “peaceful” than in London.

  1. On the movie, V for Vendetta, Nov 5th was a day to remember. That’s why. It was so serendipitous that I happened to just re-watched that movie on that same day.

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