Extreme buyer’s remorse

I know I’m notoriously finicky when it comes to home decorating and style, but I’m having such a bad case of buyer’s remorse with my sofa selection. AGAIN. How could this happen twice in a lifetime?!

I’m kicking myself because it’s not rocket science. If you know you really want a modern style, don’t shop at a place that doesn’t do modern well, if at all! Common sense I should have used.

I could easily resell it. It’s a piece most people would like. The difficulty is getting someone to get a heavy queen sofa bed back out of a low-ceiling walk-up that has the most awkward angle imaginable.

Today is a day I’m learning to swallow a bitter pill and instead be more grateful than I am feeling.

2 thoughts on “Extreme buyer’s remorse

  1. Having difficulty ourselves. When we left Raleigh we sold most of our furniture. Now in Florida and having trouble making up our minds. Don’t want to have buyers remorse ourselfs.


    1. I’d say take your time, but I took 3 years and still got it wrong! Ugh. Haha. Hope you guys find what’s just right for you.

      On the bright side I am totally digging the storage ottoman and rug. As much as I love the hardwoods, I finally conceded that in the winter, you really need at least something underfoot to help with the chill.

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