Can a villain get some love?

Shin Sung RokShin Sung Rok. Someone please give him a giant, loving bear hug. He’s so good a being bad. I feel a bit conflicted. On the one hand I really want to hate his devil-driven characters, but these psychopaths are just so fascinating and entertaining. And while I fangirled over Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Soo Hyun in two of my favorite shows this year, Shin Sung Rok was right there beside them doing his evil best, contributing to make both shows fantastic.

Surely this guy must be a saint in real life because on screen in Liar Game and My Love from Another Star he is anything but. Or maybe we should all just be grateful that he found acting to work out some deep-seated demons!

I guess I shouldn’t stereotype him. I’ve only seen him in two shows out of the many roles he’s played on TV, in movies and on the theater stage. He was in the romantic movie Finding Mr. Destiny which I’ve seen twice and still don’t remember seeing him in it. He must have played a nice guy. Which would make him totally unrecognizable for me.


I would love to see him in his theater work. Especially when he was in Dracula.

Worst of the worst: Liar Game

With four episodes to go I don’t think we’ve seen he worst from Shin Sung Rok’s character Kang Do Young. We’ve only seen a few skirmishes with arch-rival Ha Woo Jin.

Worst of the worst: My Love from Another Star

poodle in Lee Jae Kyung's handsAww, he looks so sweet — chaebol son Lee Jae Kyung volunteering at the animal shelter. Until you realize he’s only there to steal lethal drugs. Oh, and to hone his murder skills. The absolute delight he takes when he has to euthanize this poor dog who has distemper was the creepiest moment of all. And this guy had a lot of them in this show.

Kudos Shin Sung Rok for keeping us both repulsed and intrigued.

2 thoughts on “Can a villain get some love?

  1. Lady G.

    He was the only great thing about Trot Lovers, (Ok, and a few songs) and he sang beautifully. I still listen to his catchy song “Boiling.” There’s videos of him singing from plays on Youtube. I’d love to see him lead a drama now.

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