Deflate gate, whatever. Go Patriots!

New England Patriots fans have had it hard again lately. Just when we’ve started to enjoy winning again and making it back to the big game, shenanigans have brought back the term Cheatriots.

From a deflated chocolate football that sold for $20,000 to a deflated version of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, we’ve taken some pretty good slams from our anti-fans. But whatcha gonna do? Haters gonna hate. But we didn’t just take it, Patriots fans gave in back with some brilliant, good-natured responses of our own.


The sad truth is that when the Patriots win the Lombardi trophy today everyone who isn’t a fan will question the legitimacy of the win. If they lose (which isn’t happening) then haters will surely claim it’s because they didn’t have access to tamper with today’s game balls. This almost annoys me as much as a truly good team taking advantage of weak rules to gain a competitive edge — unnecessarily.

Patriots fans are a hardy bunch — you need to be if you’re going to deal with New England winters. At least they never have to worry about a boost from the bandwagon. A fan is a fan is a fan when high and low. So DO YOUR JOB today guys and win the Super Bowl!

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