It’s Pi Day!

Pi Pizzeria in DCThat’s right Pi (Π) Day the annual celebration by nerds who know and the rest of us pretending we know. So you know that means we must do this. C’mon, sing it with me:

It’s Pi Day, Pi Day,
Gotta get down on Pi Day…

Some genius created this website to explain Pi Day to the rest of us.

And if you’re in Washington, DC, you might want to stop by and have a slice at this Pi Pizzeria. It’s usually crowded on a normal day so you probably wanna go early. Check their website for other locations across the country.

Update: This isn’t just any Pi Day. It’s the Pi Day of the Century! So you still have time to kick off your 3/14/15 Pi Day party at 9:26:53 p.m. Serve up some savory pies, pizza pies and top off the celebration with a selection of dessert pies!

Chatter is welcomed!

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