Happy International Literacy Day!

There’s nothing like being a person who heavily relies on her ability to read and easily comprehend challenging herself by going places where she is functionally illiterate. I’ve done it twice so far. Although, I can technically still read French.

Every American should do it at least once, without demanding or expecting that people speak English or have English available for them.

I thank my mother for getting me a library card at age 4 and taking me to the library all the time. Think I’ll jump offline and actually read the old school way — with a hardcover book today.

Learn more about UNESCO’s International Literacy Day.

One thought on “Happy International Literacy Day!

  1. I was the biggest bookworm growing up. I was one of the only kids to proudly make the giant summer book list for the teacher. Sadly my attention span has changed so much in the last few years thanks to the Internet and TV. I recently bought a whole slew of books to read, however long it takes.

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