On dating and art

  When you're dating and still hoping to get married and have a daughter, it's probably best not to keep buying art that includes the favorite sport of current guy and your family aspirations. You simply wind up with nice art that never gets framed or hung. But you get a good laugh at how …

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chalk drawing of American soldiers and flag

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

I found it interesting that chalk art on the street could tackle topics that produce powerful feelings. These are vivid works of art. viv·id 1. producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind. "memories of that evening were still vivid" synonyms: graphic, evocative, realistic, lifelike, faithful, authentic, clear, detailed, lucid, eloquent, striking, arresting, impressive, colorful, rich, …

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Oil painting of a girl playing piano at music lesson

Piano personality: life and music

While watching a show about a concert pianist, it reminded me of one of my piano teachers. As a kid I always wanted to play these delicate, dainty sounding pieces of music. I was a shy kid who kept most of my emotion hidden from anyone who wasn't one of the handful of people I …

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