Liar Game vs Liar Game

I've finished the Korean Liar Game and I'm a couple of episodes away from finishing the Japanese Liar Game. I must admit my attention is waning. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Whether you prefer the Korean version or the Japanese version of Liar Game is really about individual taste.  Are …

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Liar Game Japanese TV series

One worth remaking: Liar Game

Liar Game is the first Asian drama I've watched that I think could easily be successfully adapted as a remake for American TV. Yep, I am all about the Liar Game universe right now. Currently I'm watching both the original Japanese and the Korean versions of the show. The Korean Liar Game is 12 episodes …

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Pleasantly Surprised ***SPOILERS***

Mea culpa. In my last exaltation of dimples, I inadvertently forgot to include this lovely example of the double dimple, pleasant smile combination — actor Lu Yi Hao also known as Jasper Liu. He and the entire show Love Myself or You (aka Pleasantly Surprised) is indeed a pleasant surprise. It reminds me of a …

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