A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Inside

When baby's arrive they take up every inch of your space. Also inside another bathroom... Inspired by A Word in Your Ear

A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Happy

My Uncle Stanley as a happy little boy. I remember him as a cool guy. He drove a sporty car. Even his job was cool--he worked at ABC in New York and later WCAU Channel 10 in Philly as a producer. He did adventurous things like going on African Safaris, Europe and skiing. As a kid I thought …

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Orange may be thought of as a warm, fun color, but it demands to be noticed. From these peaceful poolside attention-grabbing orange chairs to the dulled orange of sugar cane fields on fire. Or a subtle, yet vibrant building and a late evening setting sun. Check out other contributors to a Word a Week Challenge: Orange. …

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