Sheer Madness

What is this madness? Stop the madness! All the world is but madness and all the players are mad. Are you mad? Don't get glad, go mad! Madness reigns supreme! Keep madness alive! Am I going mad? Madness is just a stage. The madman always gets the worm, because it's a mad, mad, mad, mad …

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Summer Day

If I could be a summer day, I’d shine brightly on emerald grass, cause leaves to glisten, make flowers flourish, and then try to sneak into winter to give it a little warmth.

False Pretenses

After work on a rainy day Under the awning of a building I met you. Today, you wanted to say something. But didn't know what to say. So, you hesitated. As I struggled to raise my umbrella, It began to rain harder. Gallantly you said, "Let me help." I thanked you; you introduced yourself. "I …

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