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Local elections matter most. Go vote!

  Your daily life depends on the laws and legislation your state, county and city officials pass. The impact on your life is very direct. Don't take it lightly and take a minute to vote. It's your right and a privilege. This tool will help you find the information you'll need.

Super voter 2014 by

I’m a super voter: the most desired species in 2014

Lately I've been feeling like the belle of the ball. I haven't had this many people running after me since I was a hot young thing. Or actually maybe it was 2012. You know, that year when being an unaffiliated, female citizen meant you were highly sought after by politicians. A good friend sent me …

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Russian Tea

Two gray-haired men Talking in low tones Over a cup of tea Striving to protect their worlds They smile tightly at each other Politely pretending to listen Nodding mechanically, now and then Agreeing aloud While silently disagreeing Tea gets colder The power struggle continues More lies told Nothing changes A war begins Somewhere