I can’t trust you if your spelling sucks

And one writer (or editor) who can't actually spell. As seen on a news website under the heading Sponsored From Around The Web.

Why February, why?

Who decided that February was only going to get 28 days? This is what's been bugging me — for absolutely no good reason. Mental Floss provided me with an answer. But it didn't make me feel better.  Why couldn't some of those 31 day months each give one day away and bring February up to 30? …

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Still at the club when the lights come on

I guess what I really hate is seeing something that started off as a rebellion, become a generic thing conformed to fit into the system. Kinda like how rap became so uncreative and foul, homogenized and in some cases downright acceptable in polite society.  If everyone is zigging, shouldn't the creative folks be zagging?The world …

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