When cultural interests aren’t cultured enough

The other day two work friends good-naturedly started teasing me about wanting to be Korean. But it wasn't funny to me. Here's why. A lot of people know I've been trying to learn to read and speak Korean. For the last couple of years, most TV, movies and music I watch and listen to come from South …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place

Home is my happy place. And this year I finally started making my little doll house feel more like my home. Go to your happy place at The Daily Post.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

From birth, my childhood memories have always included this trio — my brothers and me. My oldest brother remembers life as a spoiled only child and then as a big brother. My middle brother remembers being a coddled youngest child and then being pushed into the roles of both older and younger brother. But me, I've only ever …

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