Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

I guess since I'm not a pro photographer, I've never paid much attention to texture in an image. In a 3-dimensional world I pay attention to it all the time. The textures of things can turn me off (such as the texture of green peas) or entice me to enjoy (silk and suede). It really …

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A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Atmospheric

The only light in here is the glow of jellyfish. It's beautiful and a bit creepy. Inspired by A Word in Your Ear

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

The moment you first reveal the gender of your baby to the world is a fleeting moment—the first of a long series of fleeting moments a parent will have. The Minneapolis Aquarium was full of fleeting moments, too. From watching the jellyfish magically change colors to bubbles floating to the surface to fish and sharks swiftly passing. …

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